School Profile

insights Schlossgymnasium Gützkow

Our school programme is characterised by our leitmotif “learning together – acting for each other” which can also be found on top of our school logo.

The logo as well as the motif are the product of a competition that all pupils took a part in. They contain the basic characteristics of our work like the unity of challenge and support, an open school, democracy, participation, acceptance, tolerance, non-violence and holistic learning.

We see our school as an important part of the society which is under constant change and we consider innovations a matter of course without leaving out what has been tried and tested as well as what is traditional.

Our school programme is a compass in the normal school day that controls and accompanies our processes and facilitates our development.

1. basic principle

We ensure a close-to-life, cosmopolitan way of teaching which is competence-orientated and interdisciplinary.

2. basic principle

We demand and encourage the independence of our pupils and accept the individuality of everyone.

3. basic principle

We put our house rules into practise in daily school live and take care of a balanced relationship of standards und tolerance.

4. basic principle

We win partners from our region for practical cooperation and we maintain international relationships.