Rhythm Of Lessons

insights Schlossgymnasium Gützkow

Within the scope of the elaboration of the day school arises the need to re-organise homework as a component of the regular teaching time and to change its contents into ways of individual challenge as well as support for every pupil.

Our goals are

  1. Intensifying offers of learning and support for every pupil
  2. Organising school as an attractive place to live and learn in our rural region in order to secure our socio-cultural offers
  3. Using resources from the local community
  4. Allowing for a better compatibility of family and job.

In addition to these goals we re-structure our lessons. Other concrete and detailed aspects of this organisation are not presented here, but are discussed, planed and put into practise among the school internal committees.

We expect an optimisation of the teaching and learning processes from this kind of structure and organisation. Lessons end at 1.45 pm on Mondays and Fridays for the pupils of every grade. Thereby, they regain time for their individual leisure time activities at home or for the family life.

The teachers may visit events at school on Mondays in order to maintain cooperation, communication and school-internal staff training.


1st Block
07.55 am - 09.20 am
breakfast break
09.20 am - 09.40 am
2nd Block
09.40 am - 11.05 am
individual time for learning
11.10 am - 11.50 am
lunch break
11.50 am - 12.25 am
3rd Block
12.25 am - 13.50 am
13.50 am - 14.05 am
4th Block
14.05 am - 15.30 am